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one8 is a fitness app designed for users who have been too busy with work barely have time for fitness. The app encourages users to exercise, with a database of activities, easy logging and tracking tools, and connection with one8’s smart Tshirt, smart watch & fitness band for accurate data, provide advice, motivation and simply to make heading out for that daily run a little bit more fun.
User experience, crafting micro- interactions & animations, overhauled execution for both iOS and Android
2 designers, 1 product manager
6 months
* Please note: Design presented below has been altered for the safeguard of the final design *
Fitness apps are being used by an increasing number of people and address various needs that deal with meeting goals, doing workouts and personalizing them. The aim of these applications is to help users reach a physical well-being status but their success is depended on how good the user experience is. In order to maximize the progress, these applications should offer personalized exercises based on user's capabilities, information about how users are progressing and a motivation system.
We aimed to offer means to increase and improve user experience by considering aspects such as accessibility, usability, visual quality, when making design decisions in order to create an application that is attractive, intuitive & easy to use which reflects Virat Kohli's special qualities like his quest for greatness, positive attitude, a discipline which will motivate his fan following to achieve their fitness goals.
one8 is an app designed to promote fitness amongst Indians and help them share their performance with people who matter. Imagine a scenario where you're running late for your morning run, but this app reminds you where you left off and lets your friends know that you're up and running. Or what if you wanted to track your goals, but neither of you had the time to reach out to each other at that moment? With one8, trackers and subscribers connect like never before.
Moving Forward during our brief research we discovered that there is a high percentage of people who do have a smartphone but fail to workout. We identified that the main reason is that they simply don't get the motivation or maintain a routine to stay in shape.

And there seems to be a considerable difference in a person’s motivation to run if they’re consistently tracking distance, speed at which they move, personalized & relevant suggestions. With so many of these fitness apps on the market, good UX seems increasingly important to rise above the fierce competition.

Accounting the business goals and objectives of the one8 project, we designed features to persuade the customer why our product is better than the product from our competitors.

Using this platform people can easily connect smart apparel, such as one8's Smart Tshirt, Smart Watch & Fitness band that have embedded sensors that track:
1. Activity- All Heart realted vitals
2.Sleep cycle (not for T-shirt)
4.Track history
6.Training via goal planning

one8 fitness app also has all the running tracking features you’d expect from speed and distance travelled, to more in-depth performance analytics and weekly miles.
There are  2 types of users for this app:
1. Athletes — individuals who are looking for an app to push limits and track their run with statistics that offer ways to improve endurance.
2. Casual Runners — users who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These users are interested in stress relief, losing weight, and socializing with other runners.
The fitness-minded people out there often look to different apps to help them with steps, sleep, exercise, and goal planning/tracking. However, it can be a bit tedious to use multiple apps, and some people lose interest in their fitness goals because of the difficulty of this process.
- What's your favorite activity?
- How do you find motivation to exercise?
- Do you use apps to guide your fitness plan?
- If yes, which app do you like best and why?
- What made you download certain app if you are already a fitness enthusiast?
- Why are you not using that app now if you are already a fitness enthusiast and take that fitness app into consideration before downloading it?
First look is very important to build any trust
with the brand, hence the face
Introducing one8 was one of the exciting thing I have done.
This includes making a dashing entry with an amazing style which reflects Virat Kholi's characterstics.....
The attempt was to make it as friction less as it can be, although the challenge was covering 3 section to onboard any user.
Phone number was needed to create the data base at our end and at the users end it was used to make it more customised. With Virat Kholi's voice assistance all was to motivate the health freaks out there.
Ahead of OTP verification, we asked for some basic details like DOB | Height | Weight, later which we used these data to help users to create their custom plans as per their goal requirement(s).
Last in continuation we had our hardware pairing. Users can scan QR on the T-shirt or the Smart Band.
Welcome to the Goals section of the app. From here you can view all your plans and goals as well as start new ones.
Access your whole plan history and goal setup from here in one place.
We focused on giving learners simple tools combined with learning research to help them master any subject they want to learn, anywhere they want to learn. All study modes support different & unique styles of learning (The VARK model of learning styles suggests that there are four main types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.)
We knew that user want to go for a run given that any time of the day, its just how quick they can start any acitivity in a snap.

Home, being the landing screen, a swipe left would ask you to set a number and just start running.
The voice assistance : User clicks on start and there it is, Virat on the screen to guide and keep that energy running virtually.
The summary to social :
User ends their run you get your entire run details tracked from the device. Well, when all is done its time to show off with a selfie or a scenic of your location.
I decided to proceed with HMI ( How Might I ) process.
This is the important info gathered for HMI :
1. HMI change the way people keep track their path. Visual representation of the track using GPS in the apparel. Also, to increase the motivation.
Track your Steps, Distance and Calories burnt along with support for multiple activities like Running, Cycling, Walking, Yoga, and many more
Users will lean on the app if they are seeking motivation and inspiration. An easy-to-understand information allows users to see their STEPS
24/7 monitoring of your heart rate, providing you insights on your vitals.
Pace is measuring how fast you are moving per kilometre or mile (depending what measurements you are using).
End of day activity a selection is provided and list of energy moods can be selected to fill in the feedback ??
Health tab was designed to keep access to all data at one place. Accumulated data like all  STEPS, HEART RATE , RESTING HEART RATE etc.
The main challenge was to represent all the data coming from backend. Visually putting all thedata and sorting as per date stamp and time stamp was something that required hirearchey. If we go in via landing tab i:e HEALTH latest steps data with how much CAL and unit user has ran is updated. Following which Heart Rate and Resting Heart Rate.
Collaborating  continously with Devs ( android & iOS ) for the library needed to visually reoresent graphs for :Steps : Where it hold X axis - Steps in numbers and Y-axis in Time plus Cal you have burnt.  And at last History to access all your previous Steps data.
Winning : Filter - Filtering the data as per DAY | WEEK | MONTH A winning symbol was needed to inform user about their past winnings, after a lot of scrubing and some testing around with some running enthusiast and some not-so enthusiast runners the excitement was clear and understanding at their end.
Time is precious, and people want to know — is the reward worth it? All experiences, whether they’re apps or games, are competing for people’s time. If the reward isn’t worth the effort, they won’t keep coming back
The motivation that badges provide is two-fold since they give users a personal sense of accomplishment while also serving as a status symbol that can be flaunted to other users.
Running/walking is linked with the a quantitative numbers i:e "Steps" " Kms". We knew that these numbers would play important role in making a section where we can put users against each other, friends, family or colleague. A community basically.
The badge they receive as a reward provides a renewed sense of motivation that pushes them to complete the next step.
The badge they receive as a reward provides a renewed sense of motivation that pushes them to complete the next step.
Every app or service has a baseline frequency of use, and every app is different. For ONE8, a habituated user may be using it three times a week.
When people have put effort into topping the rankings, maintaining a streak, or collecting badges, the sunk cost mindset starts to take effect.
Dropping in the rankings or losing your streak feels like a waste, so people keep coming back. Whenever a user is successful at a challenge that only adds to their loyalty as it forms a positive association between using your product and feeling happy.
Celebrations make the completion of tasks feel like a major milestone rather than trivial busywork.
This goes back to the concept of positive reinforcement and the fact that users are more likely to repeat actions that led to success.
The badge they receive as a reward provides a renewed sense of motivation that pushes them to complete the next step. CHANGE THIS
A sense of challenge to the game and keeps users on edge by making the success rate unpredictable.
Players are driven by their curiosity and wanting to find out what they don’t know.
The player wants to avoid losing something or something negative happening.
Dropping in the rankings or losing your streak feels like a waste, so people keep coming back. Whenever a user is successful at a challenge that only adds to their loyalty as it forms a positive association between using your product and feeling happy.
There are 80+ badges and few of them are here below crafted to feel with achievement and amount of some motivation!
1. Working in groups is a collaborative effort. Ideas are created, combined and changed to make something better and to ensure that we were working with the right people in the right way. While working in this project and also being new joinee in the company gave me an insight into what my small and talented team members think about a topic and how well they work together. This helped me to gather, store, share and evaluate information on my team so that I can create a productive working strategy. Addtionally, also learnt not only about myself and my team but also anyone else involved in groups to find out what our strengths and weaknesses are and then decided how to react by adjusting our tactics or modifying the way we work.
2. A Mentor will help you with everything from where to look for the asnwers or how to reach to a UX solution in my case, or spend days and nights become patner in crime to itterate on landing screens ( if I remeber correctly 20+ options were created!)Basically a member experts in the form of professionals, friends and acquaintances. I understand that sometimes you can be talking one language and don't even realize it, well my mentor was there to help with all of these situation(s) that won't make you feel stupid, in fact he will make sure you know why what we're doing is awesome and will be worth learning, and you'll learn less time and more fun.
3. Design is an iterative process: Throughout the project duration, I’ve lost count of how many screen designs I’ve done.“They say you develop an eye for the right balance” After enough iterations and feedback, but it took me more than two decades to find a design I thought was just right — something that makes sense and is easy to use. Until then, I spent countless hours muttering “I can do better” and dreaming of my vision board (I still have it somewhere).
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